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Chapter Nine

   The Satyr looked at the group with his frantic crazed look as he kept his gun pointed at Hunter’s head. He was seething through his teeth as he continued to look directly into Hunter’s eyes before speaking.
   “You! I know who you are!” the Satyr growled.
Hunter looked at Spyro and the others before he responded, “Lower your weapon and we can talk this out!”
   “I will not subjugate myself into negotiating with those who are allied with our blood enemies!” the Satyr’s anger continued to grow. “Why have you come here? Have you come to serve the southern fauns interests in pillaging our homes and raping our women?”
   “What is he talking about, Hunter?” Spyro asked. He was prepared to take down the Satyr at a moment’s notice.
   The Satyr looked down and noticed Spyro, “And I suppose you’re the purple dragon everyone keeps talking about? Pathetic! They send a hero to do a scumbag’s job! I suppose all you dragons are in on this too, right?”
   “I can assure you nobody here is serving anyone’s purpose other than that of the occupants in Fracture Hills!” Hunter stated. “But if you don’t stop with this irrational behaviour, we will be forced to take action!”
   “You fool! I got my barrels pointed towards your head! Even if your allies take me down, and potentially kill me, you’ll still be deader than the clay of an old pot!”
Savage decided that this argument had gone on for long enough and took the stand in front of Hunter. The Satyr looked up in awe at Savage, taking in his immense height and size by comparison to that of Hunter.
   “We don’t have time for your paranoid bullshit! Drop your weapon or I’ll drop you so damn hard, you’ll end up in your 'afterlife' before your eyes swirl!”
   The Satyr looked up in total shock before dropping his weapon out of fear, “Dear Ancestors! What kind of abomination are you?”
   Savage proceeded to scoop the dropped pistol off the ground before clenching the barrel and the pistol-grip and twisting it like a wet cloth, causing the iron and wood to shatter to pieces.
Then he stepped past the Satyr saying, “If you’re curious, we’re here because we got word apes were invading your land. I don’t suppose you know why they’d want to attack this particular place?”
   “The Apes?” The Satyr asked. “I don’t know what it is they would want from us. They’re barbarians anyhow! Apes attack villages for fun, like kids that pick fights with each other! It’s in their nature to be destructive!”
   “Hold on a moment…” Savage trailed off, thinking. “Spyro, see that parchment over there lying beside that dead satyr? Can you read it?”
   Spyro went over and had a closer look, “This paper isn’t telling me much other than something about a ‘Class of 13’.”
   “Whatever that means,” Sparx said.
   “What is this ‘Class of 13’?” Cynder asked inquisitively.
   “I don’t know much of it,” The Satyr explained. “Other than it is a special school for the most talented amongst our young females who dedicate their lives to studying and practicing magic.”
   “A mystery school!” Savage piped in. “I don’t think this is any coincidence that this school of witches is called the ‘Class of 13’! This may very well be the reason the apes attacked this place! The clear bidding of Archfiend, no doubt!”
   “Come on, we gotta find them before the apes can do whatever it is Archfiend wants done!” Spyro ordered before running ahead, the others trailing close behind.
   “A sacrifice no doubt!” Savage barked. “Dear God, I hope we can save them!”
   “What about me?” The Satyr asked. “It’s not like I have anything to fight these apes with!”
   “What about you?” Sparx asked. “You tried to blow Hunter’s brains into oblivion!”
The group raced deeper into the town, following the blood trails they encountered. At one point, they stopped to look for any signs of life but only encountered dead bodies as well as crude writings on the walls. These were written in the blood of those killed, with words like: “Cowards”, “Die”, and “Hail Archfiend”. The writings made everyone sick to their stomach, and then they noticed the sky becoming unusually dark. Black like the night.
   “What the hell is happening?” Savage asked.
   “The Dark Master? No! Can’t be…” Hunter said as he shook in fear.
   “Definitely something evil!” Cynder responded.
   “Let’s not stick around to find out!” Spyro said.
   Sparx rocked back and forth sucking his thumb like a child, totally petrified.
   As the group turned to leave the horror before them, they noticed strange creatures approaching their position from every direction. The creatures were even on the rooftops of the buildings surrounding the group. Not much could be said about these creatures other than that they were monstrous. Numerous spikes protruded out of their spines, elbows, and even their knees on some of them. The group huddled together with their backs to each other, realizing they were not escaping without having to blast their way through the ambush.
   “I really wish I had my pistol right about now!” The Satyr said.
Savage rolled his eyes before pulling a Glock 17 out and passed it to The Satyr along with three magazines, “Just press that to pop the magazine out, and pull the slide every time you reload. Try not to shoot us in the head or yourself in the foot!”
   Without warning the creatures charged towards the group with blood-curdling growls! The group stood ready to fight off the monstrous-looking creatures with whatever they had.
   Spyro focused on a couple of the creatures approaching him and Cynder with his flame breath, only to have the creatures absorb the attack with no harm. One of the creatures tried to strike Spyro on the head, but he quickly evaded it and proceeded to shoot out ice spikes which caused the creature to shriek and growl indicating that it suffered harm. Blood trickled from the creature’s chest and it tried once more to attack Spyro. Quickly, Spyro charged his ice breath making the ice spike threatening to launch from his throat large enough to penetrate through brick.
   As the spike launched, the creature raised its right hand and caught it, but was hastily jammed between his eyeballs, killing it. Spyro snapped his head around and saw Savage with his hand on the spike!
   “You got the right idea, Spyro!” Savage said. “Penetration is the only way to kill these things!”
   “We need to get out of here!” The Satyr said as he killed one of the creatures. “The alleyway to our left is open! Let’s go!”
   “Lead the way Sparx!” Spyro ordered.
   “You don’t have to tell me twice!” Sparx said as he led the group through the narrow passageway. The group weaved through the corners of the alleyway which made for sudden turns which worked in their favour to keep the creatures from finding them. After a minute, they were stopped by a wall which split their way out of the alley to either the left or right of them.
   “You know this place better than we do. How do we get out?” Sparx asked the Satyr.
   “Going left will lead to the town square. Heading right will take us out the town through one of the northern gates,” he answered.
   Without delay, Savage reached into his bag and pulled out an M4 Assault Rifle and attached the rear stock together with the rest of the rifle before loading it.
   “Take this rifle scumbag!” he passed it over to The Satyr. “I trust you won’t shoot yourself in the foot.”
   He snapped to Savage. “I can aim just fine, thank you!”
   “Well, that rifle isn’t one of your useless powder cannons,” Savage retorted. “Just keep that one switch there on three-round burst and you’ll be just fine,” He pointed to the switch on the right side of the receiver.
   “Guys is it just me or have those creatures suddenly stopped chasing us?” Sparx asked.
   The group looked above the walls, figuring the creatures may just be been hiding until they let their guard down. A quake shook the whole ground below them and they saw the ground through the right passage, creating a massive ditch. The shaking and tremors ended a few second later.
   “It looks like we won’t be leaving this town so easily,” Cynder said. “We probably should continue trying to find that ‘Class of 13’!”
   “Indeed!” Spyro responded. “Who knows what might be happening to them right now!”
   There then was a scream that was heard by the whole group.
   “What was that?!” A horrified Sparx asked.
   “That came right from the town square!” The Satyr said as he took off running down the corridor to the town square. “And it sounded like my daughter!”
   “Your daughter?!” Sparx exclaimed.
   “Get back here, scumbag! It could be a trick!” Savage yelled.
   “Come on, we gotta catch up with him!” Spyro barked.
   The rest of the group took off down the corridor to catch up with The Satyr. None of them knew what it was they were charging towards, but right now it did not matter. After a short sprint, they exited the alleyway into the town square. It was then that they noticed The Satyr standing before them with a look as if though he had seen a ghost. All thirteen of the young girls that made up the ‘Class of 13’ had been nailed to separate inverted crosses. Their blood trickled from their hands, feet, and various lashes across their bodies.
   The Satyr ran over to a bushel near him and proceeded to vomit profusely from the sight of the girls’ condition. Spyro, Cynder, Hunter, and Savage looked at the girls with disgust. The being or force responsible for the brutalization of the young girls was going to pay dearly.
   A low voice spoke to the group, “Welcome all. Look at what we have here: Spyro; the legendary purple dragon, Cynder; former terror of the skies, Hunter of Avalar, and George; humankind’s most respected warrior. I present to you my first challenge.”
   “Archfiend whatever you have planned isn’t going to work! Show yourself at once!” Savage demanded.
   “I believe I already have,” Archfiend said, still as just the voice. “This is now my domain. I am everywhere. I rule over this land. The blood of these virgins is just the first in my master plan to strengthen not only myself but my children in our grand plans of escaping our prison!”
   “Prison? What is he talking about?” Cynder asked.
   “Go on George! Tell them! You know what it is I have planned!” The demonic voice laughed.
   “What is it he’s talking about?” Spyro asked, demandingly.
   “He’s talking about Hell,” Savage answered. “He wishes to unleash the hordes of the damned upon Earth. It was always his plan. And he’ll likely also try and conquer this world as a source of energy, since he didn’t have the power that he needed on Earth to unleash literal ‘Hell on Earth’!”
   “I don’t get it,” Spyro responded.
   “Those creatures we faced earlier were only the first sample of what is to come! That’s if you even want to call it a sample!”
   “Don’t you see? You cannot stand against my armies of pure evil! Not even Adonai will be able to stop me!” the voice continued.
   “I’m willing to make a bet on that!” The Satyr suddenly spoke.
   “And who are you, lowly mortal?” the voice demanded.
   “I am Acacius of Fracture Hills! And I’m here to make sure that what you did to my daughter will be avenged!” Acacius had tears brimming in his eyes. “She’s the one in the middle!”
   The whole group looked at the one satyr girl in the middle of the others that had been hung on their respective inverted crosses. She appeared to be the oldest out of all of them.
   “OK what challenge is it you have for us?” Spyro asked Archfiend.
   “I’m feeling generous. I shall spare the lives of the virgin girls if you are willing to take on a fight against a foe I select,” Archfiend answered.
   “I don’t get it. Don’t you need the blood to strengthen yourself and your so-called armies?” Hunter asked.
   “A good question.” Archfiend answered. “That’s where the challenge comes in!”
   A large ape came out up from the pool of blood that had replaced the water in the center of the pavilion. She was larger than most apes that Spyro had taken on in his many battles. He and Cynder gasped at the size of the ape that now stood before them. They watched as the blood was somehow absorbed into the ape’s body, as if though she was a sponge.
   “I introduce you to the leader of the army of the apes: Andrea the Condemner!” Archfiend bellowed.
   “Andrea…? We gotta fight another chick? Oh that’s just great!” Sparx sarcastically remarked.
   “Silence you feeble insect!” Archfiend bellowed. “Andrea is the newly appointed ape leader! And as such you shall show her the respect she is deserving of!”
   It was then that thirteen heads appeared out of Andrea’s chest, all in the likeness of each of the girls that hung behind her. Their necks extended much like that of many snakes, and the eyes of each of the heads were blood red. All the heads growled menacingly at Spyro, Cynder, Hunter, and Savage in hunger for their blood.
   “Backed into a corner, oh isn’t this just great?” Sparx remarked.
   “We’re surrounded by all sides!” Spyro barked. “There’s only one thing that we can do now!”
   The group all gave one last glance to each other before the battle cry was heard: “GO LOUD!”
Legendary Spyro: The Portal- Chapter Nine (TLoS)
FINALLY GOT IT FINISHED! I've been so busy over the past few months, I haven't had time to work on this at all! For my (relatively few) fans, I apologize! More shall be on the way soon!:nod:
Dear Spyro fans, and other fan-fiction lovers alike.

I have successfully completed, and have uploaded, the Prologue to my first ever fan fiction. I won't spill the beans on too much of the details but it will involve a little mixing of futuristic elements with Mythological elements to create a rather unique story!:D But, all else I shall seal my fingers on and let you guys wait...just a little...;)

Until then, Peace! From gunmoon to you!:D
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